Instructions for Accessing Digital Content & Digital Product Policy


Here at Shivim Panim L’Torah, we strive to provide Jewish resources for learning in the convenience of your own homes.
This means that our digital downloads, PDF files, virtual classes, and paid subscriptions are made available to you on our website without hassle.

Accessing these various resources can seem overwhelming if you are not familiar with our website, but are still easy to learn.

When purchasing subscription services & digital downloadable content (videos, PDFs, etc.):

1.) Purchase your Subscription/Course/PDF, etc., via the checkout system.
2.) Login from the top navigation menu under the “Community Member/Subscriber’s Only Area” tab.
3.) Once logged in, you will see a link within that same top navigation sub-menu listed as “Paid Member Content”.

All of your paid content (PDFs, course notes, course information, & videos) can be viewed there. We use a “blog-like” internal post system for all paid content. It looks and feels the same as normal “blog posts”. This means that each time we release a new video, PDFs, notes, course information for the student, etc., a new separate blog post is made that allows you to navigate the website easily without hassle. Everything is in one place here. We prefer this method instead of the direct link email methods to cut down on customers/students having trouble with Google Drive or bad/expired links.  THIS MEANS THAT YOU WILL NOT SEE ANY paid DOWNLOADS OR paid SUBSCRIPTIONS UNDER YOUR normal “MEMBER DASHBOARD” on the lefthandside of the website when logged in. ANYTHING YOU PURCHASED FROM OUR STORE WILL always BE IN THE top navigation menu MENTIONED above.

Please be sure to download your paid content as soon as it is available to you to avoid system or website crashes, glitches or blackouts to our server and note that you must be logged on to our website to view/download your content.



You can always update or cancel anything you need from your Account dashboard. You may also update payment methods, shipping & billing addresses, and more.

If videos are not working, or you have a problem with the videos or links, please email our technical support at: institute @ sulamyaaqov. com and we will help you as soon as we can.

Digital Product Policy

We do not offer refunds on digital goods due to the nature of these goods. If you are having a hard time navigating the site, downloading, watching…etc, it doesn’t matter, please send us an email so we can help.  

Thanks in advance.

-Team Ya’aqov

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