Resource Recommendations

Here is a list of books and websites for those journeying into Judaism and for those diving deeper into it. We hope this helps you in your studies. – Team Ya’aqov



Artscroll series Chumash/Tanakh

Jewish Publication Bible (JPB)

Koren Tanakh Version


To Be a Jew by: Hayim Donin
To Pray as a Jew by: Hayim Donin

The Book of Our Heritage Series by: Eliyahu Kitov

The Jewish Home by Eliyahu Kitov

The Garden of Emunah by Shalom Arush

How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household By: Blu Greenberg

Derech Eretz – A Torah guide to proper behavior in everyday life by Rabbi Shaul Wagschal

Faith and Trust–Sefer Mitzvath ha-Bitachon by Rabbi Shmuel Houminer

Torah Commentary for Women: Parsha in Pink – Weekly inspiration from the Parsha to ignite the lives and Hearts of Women Today by Rebbetzin Mindy Bodner-Lankry

Ramchal on the Parsha – series by Rabbi Herschel Berkin


Disclaimer: * We want to clarify that we have no affiliation with the organizations mentioned below. Our agreement with the content on each sect/denomination/organization’s website may vary. We are simply providing links to their sites to help you gain a general understanding of Judaism. Each link leads to a different sect/denomination/organization within mainstream Judaism. It is important to recognize that no single sect represents the entire scope of Judaism. Each denomination has its own interpretations of the Torah and its application in life. We encourage you to approach learning about each denomination with an open mind, in order to observe their differences and similarities firsthand without accepting everything at face value. Then, assess how each sect aligns or diverges with your own values and faith. Judaism encompasses a wide range of beliefs and practices, and while there is a fundamental unity among Jews, they cannot be categorized into a single mold. Just as other religions have various denominations with both differences and similarities, so too do the Jewish people in the way they practice and live out their faith.

The Orthodox Union



My Jewish Learning

The United Synagogue of
Conservative Judaism

Conservative/Masorti Judaism


Helpful Sites for Learning:

Jewish Virtual Library pertaining to Judaism, Israel, and the Holocaust

Alephbeta -Torah Study Online

Torah Anytime– Torah Study Online

Sefaria– Jewish Texts Free Online

Hebcal– Jewish Calendars, Torah Portions

Naaleh– Torah Study Online with emphasis on Family, Women, Spiritual & Lifestyle Lessons

Meaningful life Center– Mental & Spiritual Jewish Kabbalah health Teachings Online with Simon Jacobson

The Yeshiva Online with Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak (YY) Jacobson

Rabbi Manis Friedman– Relationships, Marriage, Jewish Lifestyle, Mental & Spiritual Coachings/Teachings Online

Daat Elyon Online -Mental & Spiritual Jewish Kabbalah with Rabbi Yoel Glick

Kosher Torah Kabbalah with R. Ariel B. Tzadok

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